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Welcome to Kwon Laboratory (Integrative Physiology) at the University of Connecticut


Kwon Laboratory’s research interests include an integrative approach to the study of vascular and skeletal muscle function in both animal and human models. Specifically, our current research is focused on the role of mitochondrial-derived oxidative stress and mitophagy in age-related changes in the immune system (Immunosenescence), ACL injury-induced skeletal and vascular dysfunction, and age-related diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, and hypertension. In addition, currently, we investigate the pleiotropic effects of statin therapy (cholesterol-lowering drugs) in humans. These projects include investigation of the direct effects of statins on skeletal muscle strength and aerobic performance and the effects of Curcumin supplementation on statin-induced myopathy. Our lab is collaborating with multiple labs in UCONN Health and Department of Molecular and Cell biology and Nutritional Science at Storrs campus.

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Phone: (860) 486-6792
Address: 1376 Storrs Road, U-4163
Storrs, CT 06269
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News update

We are proud to announce that our doctoral program was ranked the #3 program in Kinesiology in the country!!!!!